Daily Trading  Wins


We’re building a portfolio of uncorrelated investments.

Integrated financial theory, backed by evidence in practice that show the benefits of aggregating a large number of uncorrelated returns streams.

The KEY is that the algorithms MUST and ARE uncorrelated.

  • Practical Forex (and 3 other assets classes) Trading Experience (2011-2018)
  • Coding TradeBots since 2010 and we also trade on the robust Quantopian platform
  • We separate the “signals” from the market “noise” = Giving us great data & trades.
  • We trade with our custom-automated AI TradeBots daily (Sun – Fri 24/6/365)

Layer 1We work and play like we mean it, always with verified results on the platform itself. We trade multiple Forex currency pairs and other asset classes (in all 13 sectors of the US economy by size and in many other economies worldwide, e.g. FOREX: 7 of the largest and up to 18 FX pairs and other asset -classes by largest volume sizes) day in and day out. Our trades are daily and very short to middle-term (9 days maximum) trades with typical hold times of 2-17 hours average.

We don’t claim that we can or will win every day but we strive very hard to hit an average somewhere in the range of 98-99% for wins rate daily and a total cumulative average of 98% or better for end-of-year wins rate targets for all our trading accounts taken together, plus equity increases, equity preservation and a cumulative high ROI.


We trade with ZERO emotions and 100% on technical, trends and deep analytics data. Raw data analyzed with advanced technical indicators, raw market sentiment (volume, trend, news events stop/go) analyses and used correctly with trends

USAGains_Logo_2_transparentdirections indicators for successful breakout trading. We use our own in-house developed trading techniques and TradeBots and have a proven track record on multiple secure accounts, platforms and systems. Shift-Left Now!