Business Loans



  • START with our personalized initial contact, in-depth engagement & fast setup.
  • Stressed businesses OK. (we Just need stable cashflow and basic good credit)
  • Sign our binding loans agent agreement.
  • Send us required paperwork for your company (8 items given in Part B).
  • We complete paperwork processing with any/all other needed paperwork.
  • Complete our contract fulfillment formalities.rateicon_2-copy
  • Get your loan commitment letter with your loan terms.
  • Accept loan terms and setup escrow with us ($0 up-front cost to you).
  • Receive final loan proceeds disbursement date.
  • Your commercial business loan funds wired to your company account.
  • Total Time is 2-8 Weeks. DONE.

  • Commercial Real-Estate Loans (from US$1 Million up to US$12 Million Per Deal)contractsigning_2
  • Commercial Business Loans (non-real-estate from US$25,000 up to US$5 Million Per Deal)
  • New, Fresh & Best Premium Personal Service Guaranteed
  • Best Premium Rates with Low as 0-5% Down Payment Requirements
  • Premium Loan Duration Terms (5-30 years)
  • We always strive our best to get you low borrowing rates that are a few points above prime only!
  • We’re 100% Texas Family-Owned, Managed & Operated
  • nycgif_1Friendly Service & Zero Hype
  • All Info Given Up-Front
  • Fast Service (2-8 weeks closings with all requirements met)
  • All Our Services 100% Proudly Honors “Made & Delivered in The USA”
  • We also do Equipment Loans and Factoring On Your Submitted Invoices
  • Commercial Texas DBA OPERATING REGISTRATION LICENSE # 20160822133
  • Third-Party Loan Brokers Are Welcome! Share Commissions with Us!

PART B: EASY PAPERWORK REQUIREMENTSok-accept-confirm-enter-function-svg_256x256

(1) Last 2 years Personal Tax Returns for each business owner with interest in excess of 20% in the company.

(2) Last 2 years fiscal year-end Financial Statements for the company (3 years if request is over $250,000).

(3) Schedule of all Business Debts Accounts Receivable (AR) and Payable (AP) Agings for Revolving Credit Line requests for the company.

(4) Personal Financial Statement for each business owner with interest in excess of 20% in the company.

(5) Last 2 years Business Tax Returns  for company (3 years if request is over $250,000).

(6) Latest interim financial statement for company (must be within 90 days of application date).

(7) Description of Real Estate being put up as collateral (legal and property type) for Real Estate secured requests. If no real estate as collateral, business should have good credit and solid cash flow for years in operation, i.e. 2 or 3+ years.

(8) Detailed breakdown use of funds in a spreadsheet form.