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From main street home comes our best trading idea and implementation to make all our trades win more!

Innovative Social TradeBots working 24/6/365


Separating the great “signals” from the market “noise” is what it’s all about. Our TradeBots faithfully do that without any emotions and using all technicals. Plus, they mimic the great successful manual trading styles, ways, methods and technical know-how that we have from over six years trading hard-core in the LIVE market-place. Programmed over five years. Thoroughly back & forward-tested. Great results.

Yes, we indeed trade hard-core, are 100% secured cloud-based and are highly-technical folks but…we’re also very practical main street working-class people just like you who just think that our hard work and innovative trading methods and advanced tech pay big dividends. They have, do and are. The grand crossroads of good fortunes meets good science.



Precision Thinking. Bold Designs.

Calculated Risks.

Beautiful Results.

USA Gains FundA portion of our earnings go to regular charitable donations  to SPCA Global Animal Rescue, Red Cross, Homeless Aid, Anti Human-Trafficking, Houston Food Bank initiatives and other worthy causes that need our immediate attention.

Global Platform

We never discriminate based on sex, gender, race, color, religion, political affiliation, geographical location, tribe or anything like that.

Our AI TradeBots (algos) work. Period.

Sunday to Friday all year-round. We’re a very open and fun-loving and people-oriented fund and the sole purpose is to trade successfully and grow our money together without middlemen of any sort. 100% transparency will be upheld at all times. See our verified and audited accounts record for proof of our practice-what-we-preach mentality. Talk Is Cheap. Only Results Speak.

forex market hours

We promise ourselves and all of our partnered investor families and friends this and will hold ourselves to the highest standards, regulations and compliances necessary.

Our own USAGF fund trades daily with platforms run as true NDD, ECN, DMA & STP and secured on our advanced cloud-based servers (VPS).



USA Gains Fund


Key Metrics For All Accounts



Operations Week (since July 2016): ACTUAL RECORDED 80 weeks straight


Year #1 2016  Growth Projected +250% ACTUAL CLOSING 12/31/2016 +243%

Year #2 2017 Growth Projected +500%  ACTUAL CLOSING 12/31/2017 +458%

Year #3 2018 Growth Projected+400%  ACTUAL RECORDED CURRENT +362%

Machine-Learning Model Accuracy – ACTUAL RECORDED  +87%


 VPS Systems Up-time Scoring – ACTUAL RECORDED 100%

e.g. Typical 18-Pairs Traded FOREX (by Most Volatile & Most By Volume):




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