Trading Is Risky As We All Knowreal-time-alerts

System Safety Check: 

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Lose Some. Win MUCH More.

Reward To Risk $ Ratio (Reward/Risk) = VERY HIGH

Wins and losses are part of the game no matter if you trade manually, automated (quant algorithmic) or as mixed-mode traders.

At USAGF, we know how to reduce that risk


so that we never lose our principal and ALWAYS have a positive profit flow. It’s rocky. We try HARDER to smoothen our workload daily trading. Otherwise, there’s no point trading.

The reward-to-risk ratio must always be very high. The required-rate-of-return (RRR) or return-on-investment (ROI) must always be consistent at a certain level and always a plus(+).


We work this with science, math, know-how, innovation, hard work and diligence as much as we
can get from the daily USD$4 Trillion/Day trading behemoth called the Global Foreign Currency Exchange (aka Forex or FX) Market.